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Innokas 2015

RoboCup Junior Finnish Nationals 2015

Robocup Junior Finland, SciFest-organization, University of Estern Finland and Innokas Network arrange the RoboCup Junior Finnish Nationals on April 23-25 2015 at the SciFest-event in Joensuu. In addition to the games, the event will feature action-based presentations and workshops.

Join the event and get excited about coding and robotics! The event is open to the public, welcome!

Time and place

April 23-25 2015 Joensuu-areena

RoboCup Junior competitions and rules

Check out the various competitions at the games!

Basic competitions are intended for all teams

  • Basic Dance/Theater - Read more about rules and scoring (in Finnish)
  • Basic Soccer 2 vs 2 - Read more about rules
  • Basic Rescue - Read more about rules
  • Sumo Wrestling - Read more about rules
  • Freestyle - The theme for 2015 is "Me and the robot". Read more on rules ja scoring

Official Robocup Junior (RCJ) competitions are intended for teams with previous experience on Basic or Official competitions

  • RCJ Dance / Theater - Read more about rules and scoring
  • RCJ Soccer 2 vs 2 - Read more about rules
  • RCJ Rescue - Read more about rules


Enrollment has ended.


You will find the program for the event from here.

More information

For more information about the event, contact Pekka Kiiskinen (